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Pre-Crimped wire mesh manufacturer

Material and Usage of Pre-Crimped wire mesh

Crimped Wire Mesh is usually used as barbecue grill wire netting, made of carbon iron wire,
galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire.

Technique of Pre-Crimped wire mesh:

Crimped Wire Mesh is woven after wire being crimped.

Standard mesh count per inch for crimped wire

Mesh counts:1-24 mesh,  wire diameter : 40-600 wire, width : 1 m - 5 m.
Mesh in stock: 20mesh/18mesh/16mesh/14mesh/12mesh  

Features of Pre-Crimped wire mesh:.

• Firm structure, good strength and economic cost;
• Highly resistant to vibrations and shocks ,It have highly damage resistant
• Heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance;corrosion resistance;
• The screens are designed to bear heavy loads
• Tasteless • Convenient for handling • Stable structure
• Long work time

When ordering screens the following technical aspects should be taken into account :

1.Thickness of wire

Thick wire will last longer than thin wire, but will give a smaller open area and will therefore pass less material per unit area.

2.Open Area

This is the most important factor in obtaining maximum output. The larger the open area the less screen is wasted and the faster the speed of screening. This open area factor must balanced against the wire diameter to give adequate life


The mesh refers to the number of openings per inch. The mesh is counted by starting from the centre of one wire and counting the number of opening to a point one inch away
1 4.06 21.34 8.24
1 3.25 22.15 5.50
1 2.64 22.76 3.50
1.5 2.34 14.60 4.11
2 2.64 10.06 8.98
2 3.2 10 10.5
2 4.05 9 16.5
2 2.34 10.36 5.48
2 1.63 11.07 2.62

Packing of Pre-Crimped wire mesh:

1)Inside with water-proof paper+plastic film 
2)Outside with woven bag 
3)As customer required

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