Mink cage welded galfan mink cages

Wire mesh size: 1inch *1inch

FOB Price: $125-$148/m2
Min.Order: 50sets
Delivery Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 800sets/day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union,MoneyGram



Mink Cage description

  • Material: Hot-dipped galvanized low carbon steel wire, or stainless steel wire SS202, SS304, etc.
  • Common Specification: 6-cell, 8-cell, 10-cell and 12-cell. 
  • Weave: Hot dip galvanized before welded or Galfan wire before welded or stainless steel before welded.
  • Feature: firm welding with strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxygen. It's good to use and not easy to be broken.
  • Usage: The mink cage is mainly used to feed minks.
  • Specification Reference:
    Mink Cage Specification
    Type Specification Size
    Wire Mesh Wooden
    6-cell  1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
    1/2''*1/2'', 1/2''*1'', 1''*1'' Length* width* hight
    8-cell 2.62m*0.914m*0.46m

6 positions mink cage descraption

  1. Length by width is 196 cm x 91.44 cm (first floor) and Second floor 196 cm x 71.12 cm.
  2. The feeding mesh (lined in black) is made of stainless steel and the size is 196 cm (77 x 1”x1”) x 20,32 cm (8 x 1”x 1”)
  3. Every position size is 30.48 cm (12 x 1”)
  4. The side mesh is 0.5”x 1” (height x lenght )AB is 0.5”x 1” x 28 squareCD is 0.5”x 1” x 36 square
  5. Bottom cage is made of stainless steel. Square size is 1”x1” for the first eight lines of square.Then square size is 1” x 1.5”  
  6. The back of the cage: the bottom mesh here is bended (the bottom mesh is one piece) and the mesh size is 0.5”x 1” in this point for three lines,Then the size is 1”x1” for four lines
  7. Climbing platform is 5 square x 12 square. Square size is 1”x1”                             
  8. Wooden case in 200 cm lenght:Thickness (front):15mm
  9. Thickness(back) :18mm Length* width* hight 200*24.5*25.5*31.5cm       Welded mink cages detailsMink cagesMink cage welded galfan mink cages

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